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For enrollment information, call Becky Patsey (530) 626-5164 or BeckyP@fosterfamilyservice.org

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Family Connections is now a part of Sierra Child & Family Services providing parenting and co-parenting classes in Diamond Springs, CA. Please call Becky (530) 626-5164 for more information.

Roots & Wings Parenting (Up To 52 Weeks)
Cooperative Parenting and Divorce (Co-Parenting)

Roots and Wings Parenting (Up to 52 Weeks)

This psycho-educational parenting program is facilitated by an experienced Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) and is designed for parents with children of all ages who want to become the parent their child deserves in order to have a safe, secure and loving childhood. Parents will learn to develop insight and understanding about their children and what effects a child's brain development while improving their parenting skills. We utilize a broad range of modalities and experiential learning. We address the array of personal issues that compromise or inhibit healthy relationships and the development of positive parenting skills. The class meets for 2 hours per week for 12 weeks (up to 52-weeks available). Some focus areas include:

-How you were parented effects how you parent now
-Understanding and managing your emotional reactions to your children
-What motivates children's behaviors
-Discipline strategies
-How to work with difficult behavior
-How violence and substance abuse effects children
-Developing skills to reduce frustration, anger & stress
-Self-care for parents
-Developing assertion and communication skills
-How to develop a strong parent-child relationship
-Families working together
And much more!

Cooperative Parenting & Divorce (Co-Parenting)

This class is designed for parents who are separated, divorced, or in a custody dispute and desire to improve their skills relating to cooperative parenting and divorce. We enroll co-parents into separate groups to promote full participation, self-reflection, and personal growth. Attending with a current partner or spouse is encouraged, but not required. This group meets for 2 hours weekly for 8 weeks. Some topics include:

Protecting children from conflict
Learning to let go- loss and grief
Understanding long-term parenting roles
Building a working/business relationships with other parent
Negotiating agreements
Seeing through the child's eyes: loving both parents
Defusing conflict
Managing Anger & Resentment
Co-Parenting is FOREVER

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